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As Biokineticists our primary function is to improve physical functioning and health care through exercise modality.

Rehabilitation Services:

Clients are evaluated individually and a specific exercise program is developed to treat the relevant condition, injury, illness and to reach your personal goal. Whether it is return to competition or just recovery from an muscle injury or improved lifestyle. Programs cover a variety of conditions including:                                                                                                                                               Orthopedic and musculoskeletal injury

Lifestyle illness incl: High Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Low Back Pain, Arthritis, Cardiac surgery, Pacemakers


Conditioning Services:

As qualified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, we provide clients, athletes and teams with specifically design conditioning programs.

These programs are based on athlete goals, skill and fitness level, fitness assessments, age-related norms for individual sports


Wellness Services:

Fitness Assessments for Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply Medical Aids.

These can be done by appointment to earn points for your relevant plan.

We will also assist you to earn points in order to make most of your Vitality plan and earn maximum benefits/discounts/cash back. 

We also offer corporate wellness days for companies with employees on Discovery Vitality or Momentum Multiply

For these we come to your office and perform your Vitality Fitness, Nutrition and Nurses        assessment on you and your co-workers / employees. A schedule can be set up ahead of time in order to minimise disruption to the normal workday.

Altitude Training

We have recently partnered with Concept Studio, a boutique cycling studio in Point Mall, Sea Point.

Here we present specially designed cycling, core and conditioning sessions in an high altitude environment. Sessions are presented in an enclosed room with oxygen levels equal to a altitude of up to 3000m above sea level.

For more information please visit the website at


Sports Massage

We provide massage services at 2 locations in Sea Point, namely First Principles Gymnasium and Concept Studio

We also offer Massage and logistics support for multiday sporting events

These packages are catered for groups of 6 or more riders. Massage therapists travel as part of the supporters village to daily race villages and performs massages on riders. Other services like KT-taping and strapping are also available. For races with a singular location we will come to your accommodations in order to perform these services                        

Absa Cape Epic,



African-X Trail run,

Joburg2C Multiday MTB

Tour de Boland


We hope to improve physical wellbeing and quality of life through individualised scientific assessment and the prescription of exercise in rehabilitative treatment to prevent or intervene with certain ailments and the enhancement of performance(sport and work)